Top 3 lip balms/butters

I’ve relied on Carmex for many years to keep my lips smooth and crack free. The moisture plus lip balm is absolutely amazing!
It retails for around £4.50 and keeps your lips soft and protected (spf 15) as well as giving it a slight tint and glossy finish, it also smells absolutely amazing. There are a few colours available so there should be one to suit you. Perfect for protecting your lips in these cold winter months.


The Body shop’s lip butters are brilliant, they come in a variety of flavours and smell divine! They melt into your lips, instantly hydrating them and leaving them feeling amazing! Coconut is my absolute favourite, but of course its not for everyone.
Chapstick is also amazing. It is easy to apply, has SPF protection and helps to heal dry and cracked lips.
There is also an amazing variety of flavours available.
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DIY lip scrub – stop chapped lips!

Chapped lips are extremely common during the winter months, using a lip scrub once or twice a week can help to remove dead skin cells and prevent this from happening. However, it is not necessary to spend a lot of money on a lip scrub as they are simple to make at home using just a few household items.

To get soft,smooth lips you will need the following items:

1 tsp. natural honey
Small cup
1 tsp. olive oil, sweet almond oil or sunflower oil
2 tsp. granulated white sugar
1 to 2 drops essential oil (optional)
Cotton balls
Moisturiser or lip balm

Step 1:
First get a small, sterile cup and place in 1 tablespoon of natural honey. Warm the honey for around 4 minutes. Honey’s hydrating properties will give you soft lips.

Step 2:
Stir in 1 tablespoon of  oil such as olive oil or sunflower oil, which will create a protective barrier on the lips.

Step 3:
Add in two table spoons of granulated white sugar, this creates a gentle exfoliant which will remove dead skin cells.

Step 4:
Stir in a drop of lemon juice.

Step 5:
At this point you could flavour your lip scrub with mango or lemon flavoured oil.

Step 6:
With clean hands, use your fingertips to apply the scrub to your lips, use gentle circular motions. When you are finished, wipe the scrub off your lips with a damp cotton pad.

Step 7:
Finally, apply your favourite balm or moisturiser.

Using this recipe on a regular basis will stop dry, peeling lips for good!

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What to wear with a leather skirt!

Leather skirts look great, but they can be hard to pull off if they aren’t worn
with the right thing. I’m going to show you how to wear both brown and black leather skirts.

Black leather skirts look great with a chunky knit jumper and some woolly tights as they will tone it down and keep you warm for autumn/winter time. Here’s one way to wear a black leather skirt:

Boots, £75 from Topshop, Jumper,£28 River Island and skirt £14.99 from H&M.
You can buy the tights from high street shops such as Primark.

Brown leather skirts are less harsh and can look extremely stylish.
Here is one way you can style a brown skirt:

Skirt, £65 Warehouse, Jumper,28, Tights £10, Next. The boots are £65 from Topshop.
This is just a couple of ways you could style up a leather skirt, there is a lot of ways to wear them for every season, just by changing your accessories and shoes!

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How to Wear a Mac.

Macs are a great cover up for autumn and go with just about anything! This mac from Warehouse is a personal favourite of mine and cost £85. The piping and mink colour make it look a lot more expensive than it really is and allow it to be paired with numerous different outfits.

A great outfit would be to pair your mac with a skirt, tights, flats and a jumper. Warm and stylish!

The shoes are from Oasis and cost £35,which isn’t so bad as they are extremely versatile and will look as good with a skirt as they will with your favourite jeans. The skirt is from River Island and costs £28 however, there is a sale on at the moment making it only £18, so grab it while you can! You could either wear a brown, maroon or even mustard jumper and tights, its up to you just try and see what you think looks best!

A great casual outfit is to wear your mac with a jumper dress or long t-shirt, leggings and boots or flat shoes.

For example this dress from Warehouse for £38 goes great with black tights or leggings. Shoes like these  tie up ballet shoes from New look (£15) would go great with this outfit and are more comfortable than wearing heels. However, if you prefer to wear heels, they would look great too!

It is extremely easy to style a mac so just try out a few of these ideas and you’ll find something that fits into your own personal style. If you still don’t know what to wear, another great look is just to pair it with some dark coloured jeans.

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DIY Bows

Bows come in a variety of different sizes, colours and patterns, which makes them a great way to accessorise any outfit. They are also extremely simple and quick for you to make yourself.

The first thing you will need to do is purchase a ribbon with the width and colour you desire.Now you need to decide how long you want your bow to be, and cut the ribbon twice the size of that as it will be folded in half. Next hold onto both ends of the ribbon and put them together so that they are slightly overlapping each other in a loop, like this :

Now you have a few options; you can either glue the ends together in that loop, use double sided tape or simply pin it together.This means that it will be easier to hand stitch. You then get any coloured thread(as you wont be able to see it) and hand sew the two ends together to make sure it does not come apart.

Depending on the thickness of the ribbon you are using, you will have to cut a strip to go around the middle of your bow and tie the whole thing together. It is a good idea to cut the ribbon three times the thickness you want, this means you can fold the two edges under to prevent fraying. However, this depends on the size of your bow. If you have chosen to fold you the two edges under you will need to stick them together with a glue or double sided tape and then put a few stitches in to keep it together.

Once the strip which goes around the middle of the bow is your desired size you can get the bow so far and push the seam of it down into the middle so that it will be hidden by the other piece of ribbon. It is up to you whether you put a few stitches to keep it all together.

Lastly you get the ends of the small piece of ribbon and sew them together like you did with the larger piece. It is a good idea to wrap it around the larger piece first as it will give you an idea of how tight you need it. Then you simply push it onto the bow you have made so far and move it around until it sits neatly in the centre.

You are now able either slip a clip or small headband through the back of the bow on the smaller piece of ribbon. You could even put a safety pin through and pin it to an item of clothing.

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DIY Scalloped Vest Top

Scallop detail has been huge this summer, it’s a great way to make a plain t-shirt,dress or even shorts more interesting and stylish. Whilst shopping a few weeks ago I saw a plain red scalloped vest, however after looking at it closely I noticed how easy it must have been to make, it was only two seams after all! I decided to make one myself. Not only would it be cheaper, it would also mean that I could choose my own pattern.

It is extremely important to use a jersey material as it does not fray, otherwise the scallop detailing will not work, I bought a purple floral pattern from John Lewis for £9. I thought it was going to be extremely awkward cutting the detail into my vest, then it hit me, craft scissors. They’re quite cheap and create perfect waves in the material.
Firstly I folded the material over and got one of my favourite vests to copy the shape and lay it down on the jersey material I had chosen. It is important to lay the top of the vest where the material folds over and when you draw around the vest do not cut along the top of the straps as it means you to have to stitch them back together.

Make sure that you leave around a 2cm gap when you are drawing around the vest so that when you sew it together it remains your correct size.  You then need to cut with normal scissors up the sides following your lines as you do not want the sides to be scalloped as you wont be able to see it. Cut along the hem, neckline and straps with your craft scissors to create the scalloping effect, making sure you do not disconnect the front and back straps. If the neckline is too high you can adjust it neatly by folding the original vest in half and lining the straps up with the straps on your scalloped top, drawing the half curve and then flipping it and drawing the  curve from the other side. You then just follow the curve you have drawn with your craft scissors and the neckline should be the same as the one on the original vest. You then just flip the top inside out, line up the sides and stitch a straight line on each side using a thread with a similar colour to the top you have made. Then turn it the right way round and it should fit perfectly.

Once you’ve done it once it will be much easier to recreate in various different colours and patterns. With just a few simple tweaks you could even make a scalloped dress.

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