My Autumn/Winter Fashion Wishlist

I love dressing for this time of year and have seen some fantastic pieces i’d love to make part of my autumn/winter wardrobe this year.

I know these boots have been around for a long time but i’m desperate for a pair this winter, they would look just as great with jeans as they would with tights and dresses.

I absolutely love these Tory Burch riding boots!

This tartan scarf is a great way to incorporate this seasons tartan trend into your wardrobe.

These leather gloves are practical yet still extremely stylish.

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I love knitted dresses with tights and boots this time of year.

What’s on your autumn/winter fashion wishlist this year?

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My Top 5 Summer Clothing Items

With the recent hot weather we’ve been having in Britain lately I’ve had the chance to get some use out of the summer clothes I usually only get to wear abroad. So I thought I would share with you my favourite pieces this season.

1.Crop Tops

I’ve been loving wearing crop tops with high waisted shorts/pants/skirts, showing about an inch of my midriff. I think this is extremely flattering and is a lot more subtle if you aren’t someone who could walk around with their whole stomach on show. My favourite crop top is my white lace one from Topshop.

dr martens 4

2. Coloured Jeans

I absolutely love coloured jeans, they’re a great way to change up your entire style for the summer months without having to make too much effort. They also come in various styles and colours so there’s a pair to suit everyone. My favourite jeans are these coral skinny ones from Marks and Spencer.

25.06.12 (1)

3. Casual dresses

I’ve been loving cotton dresses this season as they’re cool, comfortable and easy to throw on when you don’t know what to wear. They also go just as well with sandals as they do with converse, making them extremely versatile. My favourite is this floral one from Primark.


4. Playsuits

Playsuits are a great alternative to a dress or shorts in the summertime and come in a variety of styles. My favorites are my floral one from Republic and my khaki one from Tkmaxx.

8.6.13 11.08.12(1)

5. Eyelet detail

Eyelet detail looks great on tops and dresses and is extremely girly and delicate. My favourite top with this effect is my white one from Tkmaxx.


What are your top five clothing pieces?

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Top 5 Tips For Clearing Out Your Wardrobe

It’s vital to sort out your wardrobe every so often to ensure that you aren’t hanging on to clothes you wont wear again; and to make way for new pieces too! I’m going to share with you my 5 top tips for clearing out your wardrobe.
1. Clear out your wardrobe a section at a time.
Emptying your wardrobe into a huge pile can be extremely overwhelming, so instead do it in smaller sections such as pants first then t-shirts.

2. Donate anything that doesn’t fit.
Don’t hold on to items you don’t fit in to in the hope that you one day will – its not worth it. Get rid of those ill fitting clothes and make way for some gorgeous new pieces!

3. Donate any items you haven’t worn in the past year.
Chances are if you haven’t worn a piece of clothing in the past year, you wont wear it again.

4. Get rid of anything damaged.
It’s hard to part with your favourite top, but if its stained or covered in holes it’s not worth holding on to. Throw out any items too damaged to wear in public.

5. Get rid of anything that doesn’t suit your body shape
Not all trends suit every body shape, so throw away anything that isn’t flattering. Alternatively, you could modify the clothes to suit your shape in many ways such changing the length.

I hope that I’ve helped you out.
Do any of you have any tips on clearing out your wardrobe?

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