Eyelash Tinting

I’ve always wanted to have my eyelashes tinted but wasn’t sure if it would make a big enough difference on my lashes to splash out £20. I recently decided to bite the bullet and see if it would work well, so i booked an appointment and had my eyelashes tinted at Fenwicks.


First, let me just say that I would highly reccomend Fenwicks Regis spa if your looking to get your eyelashes done as the staff are amazing and you get a free head massage when the dye is working (a brilliant surprise as i had no idea of this!).

My eyelashes are already quite dark but without mascara they just look straight and non existent really. After having this done I noticed a massive difference to my eyelashes, they look longer and thicker and give great definition to my eyes. Since having my lashes tinted I haven’t worn mascara once and absolutely love waking up with perfect eyelashes.

I got the colour blue black as it’s supposed to be the darkest shade.

Have any of you had your eyelashes tinted before?

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